How To Create Facebook App ID

Some Mashshare Add-Ons need a Facebook APP ID to access all possible features.

Follow instructions below to create a facebook APP ID.
Please note: The process of creating a facebook app id has recently been changed slightly but the general steps should be the same 


Add a new App

Login to your facebook account and go to your APP settings in

Click on Add a New App (Screenshots may vary)


Choose Website Mode

Click on WWW 


Enter Name of Your App

Fill in any name of your new APP. Use a single word without any numbers or special characters and click on Create New Facebook App ID


Basic Settings

Make sure the test version button is DEACTIVATED. Fill in your mail address and select a category for your website.
Than click on the button  Create App ID  The next step takes a while. So be patient


URL of Your Website

Scroll down and enter the complete URL of your website. If it is a SSL based site use the prefix https://
Than click on the button Next


Go to Settings

Skip the Quick Start and go to the general App ID settings


App Domains

Now go to Settings->Basic and fill in the domain name of your website without http or https. If your website is reachable from the subdomain www
you have to enter that into the field. Otherwise just enter


Access Token

In the last step go to

Look for the app entries. If you have more than one facebook app, use the one you created for the website you are using MashShare onYou can already use the shown default User Access Token but this one is valid only for a short time.

So we want to extend that user token to a long lasting token which is valid for 60 days. 

To do so click first on  Debug and than on Extend Access Token.You will be prompted for your facebook password again and than you get a new long-lived access token with its expiration time

Copy this token and paste it into the Access Token input field under MashShare->settings->networks

You can verify if the access token is working by clicking on the button  Verify Access Token

If everything is working you get the message: Token valid. Facebook Share Count for 398736734
(The number will be different because it reflects the share count of the time point of this check)

Bear in mind that you need to recreate a new facebook access token after 2 month when the old one expires. MashShare will reminds you with an admin notice when it's time to renew.

Congratulations, you are done. Your website should be able to call the facebook API 200 times per hour now. 
That's enough for even huge sites with a lot of posts.

The access token is not working:

Read the article below to find out what you can do if the access token is not working:

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