Why is Google Analytics Important for Websites?

Google Analytics (GA) helps you to keep track of several things like:

Who Visits Your Website

Google Analytics (GA) is able to show many information about your visitors such as; geographical location, which browser the visitors are using to visit your site, Operating System like Windows, Mac, Mobile, screen resolution, JavaScript support, browser language and much more.

What are the Visitors Doing on Your Website

Check out what user are doing on your website, how long they stay on your website, and what is the bounce rate. The bounce rate is the percent of users who exit your site on the first visit.
Use that information to decrease the bounce rate and increase the depth of page views. This could be also helpful to increase your search rankings.

When Did They Visit Your Website

Check out the most busiest hours with the most traffic and use that time for publishing your posts. WordPress can schedule post to publish right on your busiest hours.

Where Did They Come From

Check out where your visitor come from. This can be search engines, sSocial networks, direct request or referral links from other websites.

How are They Interacting with Your Website’s Content

If you like to know what your user are doing on your site, Google Analytics shows you how often someone clicked on any link on your site or how long did the stay on a specific page after clicking that link.

Read here how to integrate Google Analytics on your website

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