Tracking Clicks on Share Buttons with Google Tag Manager

Some users are asking us how to track clicks on their share buttons with using the Google Tag Manager:

Google says:

With Auto-Event Tracking in Google Tag Manager, capturing these actions is easy. Rather than hardcoding each click action with Javascript (such as ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘category’, ‘action’, ‘label’) in analytics.js), you can create event tags directly within the Google Tag Manager interface and fire them with triggers based on predefined variables or on custom variables that you can build within the Google Tag Manager UI.


This means all tracking methods must be adjusted by yourself manually for the links you want to track by following the tutorial we linked above. Its not possible to use the Google Analytics Mashshare add-on for doing event tracking automatically in that case.

Edit: Our Google Analytics Add-on 1.0.6 and higher supports Google Tag Manager. So there is no need to manually add the tracking events. The plugin does the job automatically and shows the clicks on the share buttons from your Google Analytics Account.

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