Installation of LikeAfterShare Add-On

Upload the zip file from your WordPress admin area and go to Plugins->Add New->Upload
After activation of the plugin go to wp-admin ->Settings->Mashshare LikeAfterShare and specify your settings.

Most important field is APP ID which needs a properly configured Facebook APP.
Otherwise LikeAfterShare will not work. You find the link to the Facebook APP account within your LikeAfterShare settings.

See the screen-shots below with some sample settings for configuring Facebook APP settings

Facebook APP Settings
Facebook APP Dashboard
Facebook APP Status


If you get the error message “ An error occurred. Please try again later” make sure:


Sandbox Mode is Disabled

Go to your app settings in click the advanced settings tab and check to see if your APP is in sandbox mode.


APP ID Has Been Changed

After doing some changes on the facebook app ID settings page it sometimes happens that the ID is chaning.

Make sure that the APP ID is still the correct one in MashShare LikeAfter Share settings. If you are unsure just copy and paste the number again.

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