Exclude Scripts and CSS from minification

If you are using a plugin like autoptimize for minification of the MashShare related JS files and something is not working as expected make sure to exclude first these files or to disable the minification process at all. So you are able to test if the issue is caused by the minification process or by something different.

Possible related JS files are:

MashShare Share Buttons Plugin  mashsb.min.js
Floating SideBar Add-On  mashfbar.min.js
FB LikeBar Add-On  jquery.cookie.min.js
Network Add-On  mashnet.min.js
Analytics Add-On  mashga.min.js
LikeAfterShare Add-On  lashare-fb.min.js
PageViews Add-On  mashpv.min.js
ShareBar Add-On  mashbar.min.js
Select and Share Add-On mashsas.min.js

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