Shares Are Different on Facebook Fanpage

This article is outdated! 
Please read instead our blog post  How Facebook And Other Networks Calculate Share Count

We got a few requests telling us that shares on people's facebook fanpage are different from shares on their website:

An example could be something like this:

As you can see there are 64 shares on the facebook post.

Now we look at the referring website article on

You can see a huge difference of shares 64 on facebook and 183 Shares on our website.

The reason is that shares on a facebook page and shares on a website are entirely different ones!

Shares done via the share buttons are totally independant. They are not equal to the shares of a facebook post. Shares on a facebook post are done via the share function in facebook.
Shares beside the MashShare Share buttons are the shares which are generated by clicking on the MashShare buttons.
All share plugins are working that way. Its not possible to count shares of a facebook post and merge it with shares of your website.

MashShare is counting shares which are done by your visitors via the share buttons your website
Any share numbers on a facebook post which is released on a facebook page is not counted.

You can check and verify the share count which should be shown beside the MashShare Share Buttons with a service like but keep in mind that these numbers can slightly differ because is not counting all the networks MashShare is supporting. Any difference in numbers can also result from different caching time points.

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