Commercial Theme Integration - Envato & Codecanyon

You want to integrate MashShare into your Codecanyon / Envato available Theme?

That's awesome and we are very happy about your decision.

To make the integration and cooperation as smooth as possible please read the following

Prices For Integration

  • You can integrate MashShare core plugin for free in your theme.


  • Mention MashShare integration in the CodeCanyon public available description of your theme.
  • Please tell us your Envato profile and your company address. We need to know your contact details in case a customer is opening a ticket on our site because of a issue that is caused by your theme. To fix that asap and to keep the MashShare experience smooth we have to work tight together. In that case we either forward the customer to your ticket system or we get in contact with you to discuss how to fix that specific issue. 

Several other commercial theme developers are working with us under the same agreements. So under this circumstances this cooperation will be a win win situation for both of us.

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