Caching plugins recommended settings

If you are using a separate caching plugin e.g. W3 Total, WP Rocket or WP SuperCache you need to do a few adjustments to make sure MashShare is working as expected:

  • Define a cache expiration time for your internal server cache
  • Make sure this time is of higher value than the mashshare cache expiration e.g. Something between 1 – 24 hours would be great

When the server caching time is expiring, MashShare’s internal cache is also expiring and as a result the share count becomes updated.

W3 Total Cache Settings

If you are using W3 Total Cache these are the recommended settings when you are using MashShare:

  • Use only the static page cache
  • No Database or Object Cache
  • Define a header cache expiration time between 1 – 12 hours.

If you decide to chose a higher cache expiration time your shares will not be incremented until that time.

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