Share Buttons not shown on frontpage

You have the option to enable the Share Buttons on your frontpage. 

Depending on your theme this is not working under all circumstances when:

  • Your frontpage is a blog page with multiple posts and
  • Your frontpage blog posts are using text excerpts

If that's the case the share buttons are filtered from the excerpt function and as a result they are not included there.

At first you can try the following:

  • Enable the category setting under Settings->Location & Position

This often works because the frontpage is using than the category template archive.php or category.php (depending on your theme)

If this does not work you still have the option to use the php shortcode function into the mentioned template files:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[mashshare]'); ?>

If you are using the shortcode function above make sure that the following settings in Settings->General Settings is activated as well:

This is needed to make sure that MashShare is loading all needed css files in place.

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