No Share Count or Share Count Not Accurate shut down it's free plan so MashShare does not show anymore the share count.

MashShare caches (temporarily storing) the share count and short URLs of a post. By using the default caching method "Refresh after loading" the shares and short URLs are updated periodically depending on the expiration time you've set up. 

Step 1 - Purge CDN / Caching

If you haven't already please follow the steps under the link  TRY THIS FIRST Before Troubleshooting

Step 2 - Verify share count

Check if there are any shares for your post. You can use the link below for checking. That URL contains the same method MashShare is using for aggregating the share count for Facebook:

Facebook Share Count

Step 3 - Test API key and Cache settings

Go to MashShare > General and provide a API key and define the correct cache expiration settings as shown below:

  1. Save the settings and go to Settings > DEBUG and click on Disable Cache
  2. Open your page and verify if the share count is updated. 

If it is not updated there is something else preventing your site from connecting to the service or does not return any numbers at all. This could be a temporary glitch.
So waiting a few hours could solve it.

IMPORTANT: Reactivate the MashShare cache and don't keep it disabled!

Step 4 - Check if share count has been refreshed

Now go to your post editor and check if the share counts have been updated. You find the share count data of a single post in the custom field: mashsb_shares

Custom Fields

If the Custom Fields are not visible make them visible from the Screen Options button from the upper right corner:


If the updated shares are visible there you just have to make sure that the post is updated on the front page as well.

So if you run a site caching plugin like W3 Total or WP Super Cache purge the cache manually or specify an automatic expiration time which ensures that your site cache is purged after a specified timeframe and the updated share are shown on the frontend

In W3 Total the expiration time is called header expiration time. WP Rocket calls this Clear Cache Lifespan. Other caching plugins will likely use similar names.

Step 8. When Everything Fails

When you add a Facebook Access Token, in very rare cases your share count still doesn't get updated. However it might work without access token. You can try this situation with the following way;

What you need to do is the visit the URL above. Before visiting replace 2 things;

YOUR_URL_HERE: replace it with your post / page URL. For example

YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN: replace it with your Facebook Access Token. See How to Create a Facebook Access Token article for more information.

Make sure there are no spaces when you replace these 2 information if there are spaces, you might not get expected results.

After visiting the Facebook API URL with access token, if you don't see any share count information you can visit API URL without Access Token;

Just like the previous URL, replace YOUR_URL_HERE with your post / page URL.

Once done, if you see share count in URL without access token but you don't see it in URL with access token this means you need to remove Access Token from Mashshare's settings.

Once removed Mashshare will start using the URL without access token which you have already tested that returns share count.

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