P3 Profiler is Showing Slow Loading Performance

We are sorry to say but most often the p3 measurements with the P3 Profiler are done wrong.

The P3 Profiler is an excellent tool to get a hint which plugins are load expensive and which ones are not. But as with every kind of tool its important to know how to use it properly.

We are not saying that you did the measurement wrong but most people use the automatic runtime mode where P3 is loading randomly different pages on every run. Doing this means that the Mashshare cache isnt used when its set very low like the default setting of 5 min.

The Mashshare cache is only executed second time a page is requested. When this happens after the cache expiration of, lets say 5min,  than the cache is never executed and P3 is showing an exorbitant high loading time for Mashshare which we want to prevent.

How to Get Accurate and Proper Performance Data

It is essential to disable the automatic testing mode of P3 Profiler and use manual mode. Do few test runs; two or three times for the same pages to see the first page loading needs much longer than the second and the third one.
That's because the count is coming from the cache which was stored from the first run.

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