Like Button not Visible – Facebook APP ID not Working

Some Mashshare Add-Ons need a Facebook APP ID to access all possible features. If Facebook APP ID is not working properly you will run into issue like:

Facebook Like button is not shown
Pop-up not closing automatically after click on like button
Error messages like “An error occurred. Please try again later”

If you get any of the errors above, you'd have to make sure that your APP ID is working. Follow instructions below to make sure your APP ID is working;


The Sandbox Mode

Go to your APP settings in click the advanced settings tab and check if your APP is in sandbox mode.
The Sandbox mode must be disabled!


APP ID has been changed!

After making changes in your FB App ID account, sometimes Facebook changes your APP ID without notifying you about it.
Make sure that you are using the correct APP ID!

Check these screen shots below as an example of correctly working Facebook APP ID to ensure it is working correctly;

Naming Your Facebook APP

The name of the Facebook APP is not important but it should reflect your website or the Mashshare Add-On name that you're planning to use it for.

Facebook APP Settings


Don't forget to write correct Site & Mobile URL which you are planning to use Facebook APP ID for

Facebook APP Dashboard
Facebook APP Status


Only use small letters and don't use spaces while naming your Facebook APP. Be aware of the " green dot" which indicates that the Facebook APP ID is working correctly.

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