How To Create Facebook App ID

Some Mashshare Add-Ons need a Facebook APP ID to access all possible features.

Follow instructions below to create a facebook APP ID.
Please note: The process of creating a facebook app id has recently been changed slightly but the general steps should be the same 


Add a new App

Login to your facebook account and go to your APP settings in

Click on Add a New App (Screenshots may vary)


Enter Basic Information About Your Application

After you click on "Add a New App" button, a modal window will open.

Enter your Application's Display Name and Contact Email address and click "Create App ID".

Once you click "Create App ID" you already created your application and you don't really have to select a product.


App Domains

Now go to Settings->Basic and fill in the domain name of your website without http or https. If your website is reachable from the subdomain www
you have to enter that into the field. Otherwise just enter

Don't forget to add your privacy Policy URL and Terms of Service URL.


Make Your Application Live

Now go to App Review and make your application live.

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